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baby graphicLoving Hands Doula Services offers professional postpartum homecare to families while they adjust to life with their new baby. Support and education, care of a newborn, self care, breastfeeding support, coping skills and household management are all within the scope of practice of our Postpartum Doulas.

Our Postpartum Doulas are experienced in recognizing the needs of parents and newborns during their transition and will offer referrals to professionals and support groups when appropriate.

Loving Hands Doula Services is a group of independent Certified Postpartum Doulas trained in breastfeeding support and instruction, postpartum recovery and infant care.  In addition, all of our Doulas have CPR and First Aid certification, are TB Tested and Background checked.

About the Founder

Edna Childres has been caring for Preemies, Newborns, Twins, Triplets, and babies with special needs (emotional, high risk medical needs, feeding disorders, physically handicapped, etc.) for over 25 years. She has experience in emergency foster care, home daycare, school childcare, and respite care for high risk endangerment for children . She has also been a Parent Facilitator for the State of Cal., City of San Diego for Special Education for Medical and Physically Handicapped Children with Special Needs for a Fair and Free Education for twelve years.

Edna conducts all initial interviews, and continues to serve families in their homes as a Certified Doula.

edna childres


  • CPR Certified - Adult and Infants
  • First Aid Certified
  • Certified Prenatal Parenting Instructor
  • Certified Lactation Counselor
  • Risk Certification - Care and Management of Hard to Handle Children and Adults
  • Feeding and Feeding Disorders Certification
  • Tube Feeding for Children Certification
  • Respiratory PT. and Suctioning Certification

In addition, she has taken classes in Child Development, Family Communication, Parenting, Foster Care, Shaken Baby Syndrome, Doula, Labor and Postpartum, Breastfeeding and Embracing Your Child's Heritage.


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